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​Teachers and school staff are required to hold students to strict account for their conduct in the classroom, in school buildings. on school and church grounds, during recess, or at any school event regardless of location.  Teachers and staff may exercise the same degree of physical control over a student that a parent would be legally privileged to exercise, provided that does it not exceed the amount of physical control reasonably necessary to:

  • protect the health and safety of pupils and other persons

  • maintain order

  • protect property, or 

  • maintain proper and appropriate conditions conducive to learning.

No teacher or staff member may inflict corporal punishment on a student.  However, corporal punishment does not include an amount of physical control or use of force that is reasonable and necessary to:

  • quell a disturbance that threatens physical injury to persons or damage to property

  • engage in self-defense, or

  • obtain possession of weapons or other dangerous objects within the control of the student.

All incidents of the use of physical control or use of force on a student must be documented promptly and provided to the person in charge.​