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​​​​​​​​​​​​Preliminary Procedures and Documentation

​​​​​1 Classroom Support Log

As soon as a student has an ongoing need for support in the classroom (whether identified by the student, parents/guardians, and/or teacher), the teacher should begin keeping a record of classroom strategies and supports he or she has implemented to help the child, and concurrently work with the parents/guardians and notify the administrator. Using the Classroom Support Log​, the teacher should record the date, note strategies attempted, note the results or effect of each strategy, and keep a record of parent/guardian​ communications. If the student shows progress after the teacher implements the strategy, the teacher should continue the support as needed.

2 Meeting Request

If the student continues to experience difficulty in the learning environment, the teacher submits a Request f​or Support Team Education Plan (STEP) Meeting (STEP Form 2) to the administrator.

3 Meeting Preparation

The administrator fills out and sends the Notice of Support Team Education Plan (STEP) Meeting (STEP Form 3) ​to the parents/guardians to set up a mutually agreeable time for a meeting with the STEP team. Once a meeting date and time has been set, the administrator notifies the other members of the team. The classroom teacher and other appropriate persons gather documentation of the student's current performance levels, including class work, standardized test scores, disciplinary actions, attendance records, psycho-educational assessments, and any other relevant information.

4 Parent Questionnaire

The administrator also sends a STEP Meeting Parent Questionnaire (STEP Appendix Form A)​​​​ to the parents/guardians to complete and return to the STEP team.

5 Student Questionnaire

The teacher asks the student to complete a grade-level appropriate Student Questionnaire at school and the teacher submits the completed form to the STEP team. See the STEP Meeting Primary School Student Questionnaire (STEP Appendix Form B.1)​​​, STEP Meeting Elementary School Student Questionnaire (STEP Appendix Form B.2), STEP Meeting Middle School Student Questionnaire (STEP Appendix Form B.3), or STEP ​Meeting High School Student Questionnaire (STEP Appendix Form B.4)​.​​​​