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​​Review Hearing

​​​​At the Review Hearing:​​​​ 

  • the reviewers shall determine the order and process of the proceedings. In their discretion, they may meet with all parties together or they may choose to meet with the parties and witnesses, if any, separately;

  • the parents/guardians will explain the complaint, present relevant documentation, and answer questions the reviewers may have; 

  • the reviewers will hear from representatives for the school, giving them an opportunity to respond to the facts and issues and present relevant facts and documentation; 

  • if any witnesses or experts are present, the reviewers will provide them the opportunity to present their information and insights;

  • the reviewers will encourage the parties to resolve the issues; 

  • if the matter is resolved, the reviewers will document the terms of the parties' resolution.

I​​f the complaint cannot be resolved at the review hearing, the reviewers will prepare a final, binding decision, which will be communicated to all parties​​ in writing, by the Compliance Officer within ten (10) calendar days of the hearing.​

Records of the Review Hearing are filed in the STEP file.