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​The Preschool Planning Process

1 Initial Steps

The pastor or principal writes to the superintendent of elementary schools or superintendent of high schools​ indicating his or her desire to open a preschool and requesting review and approval of the proposal.

The archdiocesan assistant superintendent responsible for early childhood education assists the pastor or principal in determining funding, feasibility, space, and potential impact on any existing school or other educational programs in the parish.

The pastor or principal consults with the regional bishop concerning the plan; this is particularly important if there is to be any leasing of space, new construction, or remodeling​.

The archdiocese responds to the request by approving the plan, requesting further information, or deferring or declining to approve the plan, at that time or as presented.

Approval from the archdiocese is required before the school or parish may proceed with the plans or any licensing.

2 Subsequent Steps

After obtaining approval, the pastor and the principal:

  • Attend archdiocesan preschool planning sessions

  • Confirm the need for a preschool by conducting a feasibility study and survey with the school parents/guardians and parish families

  • Determine the predicted demographics, using parish baptismal records, for the school and parish to gather information regarding the number of preschool-age children who could be served by the preschool

  • Confirm available funding or guaranteed funding resources for the preschool and develop initial budgets and staffing requirements

  • Assess the available physical space to determine the number of children who could be enrolled in the preschool (35 square feet per child for indoor space and on the first floor of the building that houses the preschool; 75 square feet per child for outdoor space)

  • Become familiar with the licensing process by reviewing the Title 22 Child Care ​​Regulations from the California De​partment of Social Services​

  • Investigate the feasibility of employing a consultant for the licensing process; the presch​ool director, if already hired, may serve as the consultant

  • Assess the impact on the kindergarten and on the total school program and/or on the parish educational programs, as applicable

  • Involve the entire parish community in the planning process