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​​Throughout his public life, Jesus was a teacher. For the most part, he taught adults in synagogues, in the Temple, on festive occasions, and often in his daily gatherings with people. His goal was to convey the genuine message of God: to let it be known and to guide many people to accept it. At the Jewish feast of Booths, "the feast was half over by the time Jesus went into the temple area and began to teach. The Jews were filled with amazement and said, 'How did this man get his education when he had no teacher?' This was Jesus' answer: 'My doctrine is not my own; it comes from him who sent me. Any man who chooses to do his will, will know about this doctrine—namely, whether it comes from God or is simply spoken on my own' " (Jn 7:14–17).

Lifelong learning describes the reality that learning is not confined to the classroom or the early years of a person's development. Rather, all human beings learn each day. The journey of faith, from birth to natural death, is a daily encounter with God. Adult faith formation and the new evangelization are efforts to ensure that Catholics continue to grow in faith all throughout the life span.

Parishes and schools have and sponsor a variety of adult faith formation activities to ensure that all members of the community grow in faith.