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​​5.2.16 Dress Code and Personal Appearance

Staff members represent the Church. Therefore, they should maintain a professional appearance, and observe good habits of grooming and personal hygiene. Modesty is one of the cardinal virtues; accordingly, suitably conservative business attire must be worn at archdiocesan locations/worksites, all work areas, and offsite while conducting archdiocesan business.  In a location's professional business environment, unnatural hair colors are strongly discouraged, hair styles should avoid extremes, tattoos should be covered up, and piercings (except one or two in the earlobes for business-appropriate earrings) should not be noticeable. ​

Staff members should check with the person in charge for clarification about what is appropriate for their location. When working remotely employees should maintain a professional appearance, especially when an employee's image is visible on remote platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, Facetime, Bluejeans and the like.

Whether or not a staff member is present at the location or working remotely, appropriate attire must be worn on top and bottom. Revealing, see-through, form-fitting, provocative clothing is not considered business attire. For example, the following are not appropriate during working hours at a location and may not be appropriate when working remotely:

  • Casual t-shirts or tank tops with slogans or prominent advertising text or images (except archdiocesan events)

  • Crop tops or tank tops (women)

  • Tank tops or sleeveless shirts (men)

  • Flip-flops or bare feet

  • Torn, frayed, sagging pants or pants with holes

  • Jeans, unless the staff member's job function requires freedom of movement, such as maintenance, food service, gardening, athletics or construction

  • Tight-like leggings or tights in lieu of pants

  • Shorts

  • Sweats​

  • Athletic apparel during non-athletic activities​

Certain job functions may call for different work clothes.  In these cases, attire appropriate to the task may be worn.
Dress policy at locations must follow these guidelines. Cemetery and mortuary employees must follow the Cemetery-Mortuary Dress Code Policy.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that staff members adhere to the dress code and are expected to take the steps necessary to remind and counsel staff regarding violations of the dress code. Violations of the dress code will result in disciplinary action and/or the employee's being asked to go home to change clothing.

3-10-21, 1-26-2022