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​​5.2.19 References and Verification of Employment

The archdiocese respects privacy rights and strives to ensure that confidential information is not improperly released either within the archdiocese or to external sources. All requests for reference or credit checks, employment and compensation histories, home addresses and telephone numbers, location of staff members not at work, or any other confidential matters must be referred to the person in charge. The person in charge may respond as follows:

  • To non-archdiocesan individuals or entities:  only dates of service and job titles will be provided unless the staff member gives written authorization to release additional information or a subpoena for records has been issued. 
  • To archdiocesan locations inquiring about a job applicant or archdiocesan staff with a need to know: accurate, factual performance information about the individual may be given, without malice, including whether the individual is eligible for rehire or other service at the location.  
Requests for references and verification of employment by staff working for the Archdiocesan Catholic Center​ (ACC) and archdiocesan mortuaries and cemeteries​ must be referred to the ACC Human Resources Department​

In the event the archdiocese receives a subpoena​, it will comply with the California law that gives individuals certain rights to receive notice that the records have been requested or to contest the release of such records.

3-10-21, 10-12-2022​​