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​​5.9.1 Performance Review Process

​​​​​​​​​​Job performance is to be reviewed throughout and formally at the conclusion of an introductory period; see the Introductory Per​iod Performance Review​. For most positions in the archdiocese the introductory period is 90 days. In certain instances the introductory period may be longer or shorter as the job or performance requires. After the introductory period, staff should have reviews at regular intervals. Special performance reviews may be conducted at any time, as circumstances warrant.

A formal performance review process serves to:

  • Document performance in relation to reasonable job expectations and standards

  • Determine how the employee might improve work performance

  • Evaluate career opportunity and development

  • Achieve a closer working relationship between the employee and employer

  • Set goals and timetables for projects supporting the location's mission statement or values

See the Introductory Period Performance Review​​, Employee Self-E​valuation Process, Employee Annual Performance Review Supervisory/Managerial Personnel Self-Evaluation Questionnaire​, Supervisory/Manage​rial Personnel Annual Performance Review​ and Annual Performance Appraisal Review: Maintenance Workers​.​​​