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​6.5.4 Together in Mission

Together in Mission is an annual archdiocesan-wide appeal that helps those in need, supports parishes and schools, and makes education possible by providing funancial subsidies.  The Together i​n Mission Advisory Board approves the annual budget out of which funds to be used as subsidies are allocated.

Parishes and elementary schools can apply for Together in Mission subsidies. A subsidy is assistance to a parish or school based on need or unforeseen special circumstances.

Subsidies do not automatically renew; subsidized parishes and elementary schools must reapply on an annual basis.

See Together in Mission website and "Other Archdiocesan Components​," see the Together in Mission section.​ Qualifications

To qualify for a subsidy a parish or school must demon­strate significant financial need. In general, the following guidelines determine eligibility for a subsidy:

  • The location has no surplus funds on deposit with the Investment Pool, has no surplus funds in its local bank account(s), or can demonstrate that its funds on deposit will not cover the projected expenses for that fiscal year.

  • The location's budgets and financial statements show that its projected expenses are greater than the projected income for that fiscal year (based on the previous year's figures). Application Process

Parishes and schools shall apply jointly for an operating subsidy; they can obtain the application from the deacon assistant to their regional bishop and Department of Catholic Schools, and must complete, sign, and forward it to the regional bishop and the Department of Catholic Schools, which jointly decide whether to grant a subsidy.  Requests by parishes for an emergency subsidy due to an unforeseen fiscal crisis may be made directly to the regional bishop or episcopal vicar; requests by schools should be made to the Department of Catholic Schools. Processing the Subsidy

The Office of Financial Services processes the approved subsidy for the location.​