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7.2.1 Buying and Selling Archdiocesan Property​​

​​​All property within the archdiocese (i.e., schools, churches, playgrounds, cemeteries, houses, and land) is owned by the archdiocese. If a location desires to sell or purchase property, it must be coordinated through the Real Estate Department. A location may not engage in negotiations to buy or sell real property on its own.

​The location must comply with all of the following steps for the purchase or sale of real property:

  • The location must first contact the director of real estate to request the purchase/sale and be prepared to discuss all details and issues. The Real Estate Department will investigate the request, research the property, and advise the location of its findings and recommendations.

  • The location, in coordination with the Real Estate Department, shall contact the regional auxiliary bishop's office for its guidance and approval.

  • If applicable, the location, in coordination with the Real Estate Department, shall also contact the Financial Services Department for approval (e.g., loans or proceeds).

If the recommendation is to proceed with the sale or purchase, the Real Estate Department will bring the matter to the Real Estate Committee for review and approval. If approval by the Real Estate Committee is granted, the matter is presented to the archbishop for final review and approval.

A location shall not represent or commit verbally or in writing to any offers to purchase or sell real property, nor sign any contracts for the sale or purchase of property. All transactions must be handled by the Real Estate Department​.

If a location receives information that it might be the beneficiary of a donation of real property, the location must contact the R​eal Estate Department​ to receive guidance on possible issues and costs associated with the gift. Donations of real property may not be accepted without permission from the Real Estate Department. For additional information, please see Legacy Giving.​