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7.2.11 Security Camera Guidelines

Locations may use security cameras without sound recording (audio) on location property to ensure the safety and welfare of all staff, students, parishioners, visitors, and vendors and to safeguard location facilities and equipment.

Permissible Locations

Security cameras may be used to observe the following locations:

Outdoors – Parking lots, walkways, gathering areas, playgrounds, athletic fields, stadiums, entrances, and exits

Indoors – Lobbies, foyers, hallways, sanctuaries, cash counting rooms, and other common areas

Equipment may not record or survey areas where the public, students, and employees have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as restrooms, locker rooms, private offices, or classrooms. In addition, parishes must not record penitents who are engaged in the sacrament of reconciliation, especially if the penitent can be identified or lips can be read.

Security Camera Operation

The use of security camera equipment shall be supervised and controlled by the person in charge at the location. Recordings should be maintained for a specified period of time. After this time period has elapsed, the medium can be reused for recording unless circumstances call for preserving the recordings due to a reported or suspected incident. It is recommended that the recordings be maintained for a minimum of 30 days.

Investigative Use of Recordings

The archdiocese/location reserves the right to review and use the recordings to investigate accidents​, allegations of misconduct, or violations of archdiocesan, parish, and/or school rules and to use the recordings in any proceedings that result from or are related to the accident, misconduct, or violation. The parish/school shall maintain a log of access to or use of the video recordings.

Unauthorized Use

All persons are prohibited from unauthorized use of, tampering with, or otherwise interfering with security camera operations and/or equipment and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Cooperation with Law Enforcement and Others

The archdiocese/location are allowed to cooperate with legitimate law enforcement or by court order and allow installation of video recording equipment by law enforcement on location property.  

​Locations may respond to requests for copies of the location's video recordings by law enforcement or, at their discretion, to requests by ​members of the public who need the footage for legitimate purposes.  Locations can refer the requests to the security monitoring service, if available, and should contact the Legal Department​ for counsel.

Notification to Public

If security cameras are installed, the public shall be informed with appropriate signage (e.g., WARNING: THESE PREMISES ARE MONITORED BY [or: UNDER SURVEILLANCE OF] SECURITY CAMERAS).