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​​Any adult volunteer, including volunteer coaches, parents/guardians, people assisting in the classroom, and others who have regular contact with students or minors at an elementary school or high school, in a manner similar to paid personnel in a comparable role, will be subject to fingerprinting under the California Education Code. Other volunteers at an elementary school or high school will be subject to fingerprinting under the California Penal Code. The principal or pastor/administrator will consult the Department of Catholic Schools or the archdiocesan Fingerprinting Office, as necessary, to resolve any uncertainties concerning which protocol to follow for a particular volunteer. ​All preschool volunteers must be fingerprinted under the California Health and Safety Code. 

For all volunteers, the fingerprint reports and any subsequent arrest notifications are overseen by the archdiocesan Fingerprinting Office as the confidential reporter of criminal offender record information​ (CORI reporter), unless the school is a private elementary school or high school in the archdiocese and arrangements have been made with the archdiocesan Fingerprinting Office for a person at the location to serve as the CORI reporter.