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13.8.1 - Code of Christian Conduct Covering Students and Parents/Guardians13.8.1 - Code of Christian Conduct Covering Students and Parents/Guardians<p><span style="font-weight:bold;">​​Code of Christian Conduct Covering Students and Parents/Guardians</span></p><p>​Students can best receive a quality, morally based education if students, parents/guardians, and school officials work together. Normally, these parties can resolve their differences. In some rare instances, however, the school may find it necessary, in its discretion, to require parents/guardians to <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=7c52c6b6-eea1-4fc3-ac3a-90f0c442a28e&TermSetId=8b66c3a8-bdfa-4bea-9c29-07c09bf9129e&TermId=2b2c0ad8-5689-4eeb-b5e6-c2bcd5faf34f" target="_blank">withdraw their child</a>.<br><br>As an express condition of enrollment, students and parents/guardians shall follow standards of conduct that are consistent with the Christian principles of the school, as determined by the school in its discretion. These principles include but are not limited to any policies or procedures set forth in the school's parent/student handbook. <br><br>These Christian principles include but are not limited to:<br></p><ul><li><p>Parents/guardians are expected to work courteously and cooperatively with the school to assist the student in meeting the academic, moral, and behavioral expectations of the school. </p></li><li><p>Students and parents/guardians may respectfully express their concerns about the school operation and its personnel. However, they may not do so in a manner that is discourteous, scandalous, rumor driven, disruptive, threatening, hostile, or divisive. </p></li><li><p>In a place where a school employee is required to be in the course of his or her duties, any parent/guardian or other person whose conduct materially disrupts class work or extracurricular activities or involves substantial disorder may be guilty of a misdemeanor.</p></li><li><p>Any parent/guardian or other person could risk his or her child's continuation in school if he or she insults or abuses the principal or any teacher in the presence of students, parents/guardians, or other school personnel while on school premises, public sidewalks, public streets, other public ways adjacent to school premises, or at some other place if the principal or teacher is required to be there in connection with assigned school activities. </p></li></ul><p>These expectations for students and parents/guardians include but are not limited to all school-sponsored programs and events (e.g., extended care, athletics, and field trips).</p><p><em>Note:</em> these provisions do not apply to any otherwise lawful employee-concerted activity, including but not limited to picketing and distributing handbills.<br><br>The school reserves the right to determine, in its discretion, when conduct is severe enough to warrant immediate action without warning and/or without an intermediate step short of withdrawal.​<br></p><p>7-14-21</p>