Our Lady of Grace School is a Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 8 School. Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 5 are self-contained classrooms. Grades 6 through 8 are departmental. The functions of the pastor, staff, and board, with limits of responsibility and authority of these groups, as well as the relationship and communication among these groups, are defined in the following chart. We are one of several ministries within the parish and are responsible to the pastor.


Fr. Marinelo Saguin                             Pastor

Mr. Thomas Ambriz                             Principal

Mrs. Pat Baker                                    Vice Principal-Student Affairs & Development Director

Ms. Laura Arceneaux                          Vice Principal-Academics/STEM Coordinator

Ms. Maria Reynoso                             Office Manager & Bookkeeper

Mrs. Jocelyn Patrick                            School Secretary

Mrs. Michelle Roberson                       STEP Program Coordinator

Mrs. Janet Eisenreich                          Preschool Lead Teacher

Mrs. Michelle Trejo                              Preschool Teacher

Mrs. MaryAnn Irvine                            Transitional Kindergarten

Mrs. Lisette Romero                            Kindergarten

Ms. Cathleen Flores                            Grade 1 Homeroom

Ms. Johanna Smith                             Grade 2 Homeroom

Mrs. Catherine Batarse                       Grade 3 Homeroom

Ms. Jessica Reveles                           Grade 4 Homeroom

Mrs. Tina Smith                                   Grade 5 Homeroom

Ms. Eva Cheer                                    Grade 6 Homeroom (English & Literature)

Dr. John Roberts                                 Grade 7 Homeroom (Literature & Religion)

Mrs. Karen Dzyak                                Grade 8 Homeroom/Decathlon Coordinator (Math)

Mr. Katherine Gasser                           Middle School Science & Social Studies

Mrs. Marissa Franchino                       Assistant Development Director

Mrs. Ellison Custodio                           Writing Coordinator

Ms. Catherine Mendez                         Spanish Teacher

Mr.  Chris Leslie                                   Music Teacher

Mrs. Andrea Fisher                               PE/Athletic Director/After-School Director

Mrs. Linda Jackson                               Librarian

Mrs. Vanessa Tartaro                            Art Teacher

Ms. Angella Alfaro                                 Health Office

Mrs. Dianne Coulsell                             Instructional Aide—Grade TK

Mrs. Rosie Garcia                                 Instructional Aide—Grade K

Mrs. Sue Herbert                                   Instructional Aide—Grade 1

Mrs. Maria Quinones                            Instructional Aide—Grade 2

Mrs. Renata Dobrucki                           Instructional Aide—Grade 3

Ms. Emma Fortun                                 Instructional Aide—Grade 4

Mr. Simitrio Lopez                                 Facilities Manager

Mr. Jose Jimenez                                  Evening Custodian

Mrs. Virginia Reveles                            Morning Custodian/After-School Care Assistant 

Ms. Angela Alfaro                                After-School Care Assistant

Ms. Roslyn Fuentes                             After-School Care Assistant

Ms. Itzel Quinones                               After-School Care Assistant

Ms. Rebecca Lopez                             After-School Care Assistant

Ms. Citlaly Quinones                            After-School Care Assistant

Mrs. Ellie Rodriguez                             After-School Care Assistant​