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​​Reporting Concerns About Electronic Communications

​​If you are concerned about a location, group, or individual who is violating the Acceptable Use and Responsibility Policy for Electronic Communications (Archdiocesan AUP)​, Archdiocese of Los Angeles Copyright and Video Screening Policy​​, or Archdiocese of Los Angeles Privacy Policy​​​, or is otherwise doing something you think is improper, you may report the matter to the person in charge at the location. If you are an archdiocesan employee, contact your supervisor. If the conduct involves the person to whom you would generally report your concerns, you should feel free to contact that person’s supervisor (if you know who that is), or you should contact the archdiocesan Office of Legal Counsel ​at 213-637-7511, or the Victims Assistance Ministry​​ at 213-637-7650.

If you run across a website that has the Archdiocese of Los Angeles logo or the logo of a Location, you cannot assume all the information on that site is official.  Phishing, web spoofing, and similar frauds are part of the Internet and illegitimate sites can’t always be distinguished easily from the legitimate ones. If you have a question about content on a site with the archdiocesan or location logo, contact the site’s webmaster. If you don’t receive a satisfactory response or want to report an issue, contact the Communi​cations Department​ at​.