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​Instructional Time

The following apply to classroom instructional time in a traditional six-period day schedule:

  • Periods beyond the normal six-period day must be approved through the budgeting process.

  • A minimum day consists of no fewer than 180 minutes of classroom instruction.

  • In any 10 consecutive days, the average school day is to be no fewer than 265 minutes of instruction.

  • For a course providing one unit of credit, the normal weekly classroom instructional time is 240 minutes a week.

  • A "day in session" is defined as one in which all teachers and students are on campus for at least a minimum day of instruction.

For alternate schedules such as block schedules, seven periods per day, etc., the following apply to classroom instructional time:

  • Courses that provide five units of credit must meet a minimum of 68 hours per semester.