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​ Summer Programs

​​​​The principal is responsible for the overall administration of all summer programs at the school, including summer school, enrichment programs, camps and similar activities when operated by the school.  All archdiocesan policies, including satisfactory completion of fingerprinting and background checks and safe environment training for staff apply to summer programs. The principal may delegate the day-to-day operations of summer programs. Third parties who operate a summer program must enter into a written agreement with the school; the agreement shall be submitted to the Office of Legal Counsel for review.​

Each year the decision to have a summer program is left to the sole discretion of the principal, along with the pastor (in the case of parish schools). Considerations for implementing a summer program must include financial feasibility, purpose (e.g., enrichment and remediation), and demand for the summer programs.

Current teachers in the school are eligible to apply to teach in summer school but have no right to be selected or preferred for such employment. Teachers employed in past summer programs have no tenure rights or preferential rights to employment.

The following practices shall be observed in all school-sponsored summer programs:

  • All summer program income and expenses shall be budgeted to include tuition, fees, payroll, classroom materials, student activities, school maintenance costs, utilities, and other related expenses. Summer school payrolls should follow normal school year practices. 

  • Students enrolled in the regular school program are automatically covered by school supplemental medical insurance through Myers-St​evens & Toohey & Co. Inc.​

For academic guidelines for high school summer school, see Summer School.​