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Skip Navigation LinksADLA Administrative Handbook > Chapter 13 - Students and Families > 13.3 - Privacy and Access to Records > 13.3.4 - Administrative Procedures for Handling Confidential Information

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​Administrative Procedures for Handling Confidential Information​

In all situations where confidential information is shared, the principal shall implement practices and procedures to ensure students’ academic, financial, personal, psychological, health, and spiritual information remains confidential. Without parent/guardian consent, no information on confidential matters should be shared or discussed with anyone, including school employees not directly and necessarily involved.

No one should discuss specific student problems in the staff room or any place where people who are not directly involved in the matters may overhear. Assistant regional superintendents may be consulted as needed on these matters.​

Only the principal, teachers, or administrators charged with pupil oversight may initiate a call to parents/guardians. Other staff members must have prior administrative consent. If parents/guardians have questions, teacher aides and other staff members should refer them to the principal or the appropriate teachers or administrators.

​School employees may not agree to provide a parent/guardian or another person with a voluntary written or oral statement or any documents in a family or custody dispute without first obtaining permission from the person in charge, in consultation with the Office of the L​egal Counsel. Employees should not volunteer to appear in any judicial proceeding. If parents/guardians are engaged in a dispute or violating a custody order, call the Office o​f the Legal Counsel for advice or call the police if safety is an issue. In ordinary situations, pupil records are to be handled as provided in Pupil Records.​