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A school may decide to place an enrolled student on probation as a disciplinary matter. Disciplinary probation occurs when the student's behavior has reached a point where a more serious response from the school is required. If the student's behavior does not improve while on probation, the disciplinary process may lead to suspension and/or expulsion​ or withdrawal​

The probationary status of the student and the terms of the probation must be clearly documented in writing and signed by the parents/guardians.​

If a school decides to place a student on disciplinary probation, it must insure that the seriousness of this status is communicated to the student's ​​parents/guardians. Due to the great variety of student offenses that can result in disciplinary probation, a school has many options in determining the extent of a student's probation (limiting activities, no athletics, community service, etc.). At the high school level, a High School Disciplinary Probation Agreement (sample) must be completed and signed by parents/guardians.​