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Responsibilities for Elementary Schools​​

​​​​The Department of Cat​​​holic Schools at the elementary school level supports pastors and principals as they administer their schools. In addition to the services enumerated previously, the Department of Catholic Schools at the elementary school level is responsible for:

  • Developing resources for the faith development of principals, teachers, and staff members

  • Providing direction through policy formulation that supports the high achievement of all students

  • Identifying potential leaders of schools and supporting the process of recruiting, selecting, and hiring new principals

  • Directing a systemic approach to curriculum development and improvement in curriculum planning and evaluation

  • Providing and coordinating staff development with a focus on curriculum and instruction

  • Providing training and support for financial oversight and planning, marketing and development, public relations, tuition and enrollment management

1 Deputy Superintendent of Elementary Schools

The deputy superintendent of elementary schools is appointed by and reports to the superintendent. The deputy superintendent is the administrative person responsible for working with parish and archdiocesan leadership to establish a collaborative, ongoing culture of excellent education and continued growth that will ensure vibrant Catholic elementary schools for current students and future generations in the archdiocese.

The deputy superintendent provides collaborative leadership for elementary schools particularly in the areas of faith formation, educational excellence, and effe​ctive stewardship. He or she reflects the commitment to the Catholic mission, identity, and faith formation in Catholic elementary schools and early childhood education programs. The deputy superintendent works with parishes and archdiocesan leadership to support Catholic elementary schools and, for schools under the direct supervision of the Department of Catholic Schools, he or she oversees the governance of those schools. The deputy superintendent works directly with the assistant superintendents to achieve these goals and represents the archdiocese on behalf of the Catholic elementary schools.

2 Assistant Superintendents of Elementary Schools

The assistant superintendents of elementary schools are appointed by and accountable to the deputy superintendent of elementary schools. They have direct responsibility for particular schools assigned to them.

Each assistant superintendent works with the principals in the implementation of a broad array of programs and functions. These responsibilities encompass the areas of spiritual development, realization of the school's mission and philosophy, curriculum, co-curricular activities, fiscal policies, discipline, personnel practices, community relations, and the school plant. Each assistant superintendent assists and advises pastors in the recruitment and selection of principals, and serves as a resource in the recruitment, selection, and oversight of elementary school teaching staff. In fulfilling this role, the assistant superintendent is directly responsible to the deputy superintendent.

Assistant superintendents are assigned leadership roles in the areas of faith, excellence, and stewardship​.

3 Directors and Commissioner

From time to time, the superintendent of Catholic schools appoints directors and a commissioner to assist with specific programs within the Department of Catholic Schools to respond to current needs. The directors and commissioner positions may include a director of educational t​echnology for elementary and high schools, who is responsible for supporting schools in the integration and implementation of educational technology, and a WCEA Commissioner, who is responsible for the coordination of the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) accreditation process for elementary schools.