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​5.10.4 Personnel File Review

Upon written request by the employee, former employee, or employee-authorized representative, payroll and personnel files may be reviewed at a time mutually agreed upon and in a location designated by the person in charge. Locations may limit file review to the requesting employee's non-working hours. Requests for file review may be made by former employees only once a year. Employees are not entitled to unsupervised review of their files.

Employees are entitled to a copy of their payroll and/or personnel file; the location may charge employees for the actual cost of making the copies. The location may mail the file at the employee's expense if it relates to an employee terminated for unlawful conduct or for violation of archdiocesan policies on harassment and workplace violence.

Unless the employee and location agree otherwise, a payroll file must be provided within 21 days and a personnel file within 30 days of receipt of the written request, but in no event may a personnel file be provided later than 35 days after the request is received. These deadlines are established by law; failure to meet them may result in significant penalties.  Files must not be sent out without prior review from the Office of the Legal Counsel.

Employees shall be provided a request form stating the documents requested. The signed request form should be placed in their personnel file. Please see the sample Personnel File and Payroll Record Request. If an employee's authorization is received from a representative of the employee, the signature must be "wet" ​ that is, no electronic or typed signature will be accepted. For questions, contact the Office of the Legal Counsel​.

Employees do not have a right to review the following items in their personnel files:

  • Records relating to the investigation of a possible criminal offense

  • Confidential letters of reference

  • Ratings, reports, or records that were obtained prior to employment, prepared by identifiable examination or search committee members, or obtained in connection with a promotional examination

This policy does not apply to employees who file a claim or lawsuit that relates to a personnel matter against the location or archdiocese. In these circumstances, personnel files are handled as part of the claim or litigation.