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​​5.11.22 Tuberculosis Examination Requirements

Before working with or around students, all school staff who have frequent or prolonged contact with students must present a certificate showing that they have been examined within the last 60 days and found to be free of communicable tuberculosis. In the alternative, they may produce a certificate showing that they were examined within the past four years while employed at a public or private school.

The initial examination must consist of a Mantoux skin test (not a chest x-ray) unless the employee or volunteer can document, in writing, a history of previous negative skin tests. All persons with a negative skin test history must have repeated skin tests at least every four (4) years, or less if directed by the school. The skin test must be a subdermal Mantoux 5 TU (.0001 mg) PPD.

All persons with a negative skin test history who convert to a positive skin test or those who have a history of positive skin tests must provide a certificate from a health provider stating that they are free from communicable disease, based on a diagnostic chest x-ray that has been interpreted by a licensed physician or surgeon.

The school shall maintain a file containing an up-to-date certificate for each person covered. See "Employee Records (other)" in ​the Record Retention Schedule (sorted by category​ and record type).