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​5.13.1 Applicable Terms

Throughout this section the following terms are used:

Assignment – A designated ministry in the archdiocese granted by the archbishop or his vicar for clergy to a priest, as described by the priest's faculties

Extern – A member of the clergy incardinated in another diocese

Faculties – The permission given to a priest by his diocesan bishop or religious superior legally permitting him to celebrate the sacraments (normally, a priest's faculties only permit him to celebrate within his own diocese or religious institute); what a religious order priest must have from the archdiocese to exercise public ministry in the archdiocese

Letter of suitability – A letter from a bishop or religious superior testifying that the bearer is a priest in good standing with his home diocese/religious institute and is granted permission to exercise ministry in another diocese for the period specified in the letter of suitability

Service fees – In this section, the monetary compensation a parish chooses to offer a supply priest for Masses, baptisms, weddings, confessions, penance services, funeral services, retreats, talks, or other ministerial activities

Source of salary – A location in the archdiocese that is designated as responsible for paying a priest's compensation

Stipend – The canonical term that refers to the free will offering of the Christian faithful given on the occasion of the administration of a sacrament or sacramental​