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​​​5.13.10 Civic Participation and Limits on Political Activity​​

​All priests are expected to participate in and understand the civil, social justice, and similar issues that are of concern to the faithful and to the Church in the archdiocese and the United States. The archdiocese has particular policies concerning participating in political activities.​

Clergy may not seek or hold any public offices or actively participate in any political parties, whether in the United States or elsewhere. This generally precludes priests and bishops from becoming members of local, state, or federal political groups, or actively endorsing, funding, or otherwise supporting a candidate in any election. Anyone with questions should consult the moderator of the curia for clarification.

However, all clergy who are citizens of the United States are expected to discharge their civic duties, including jury duty, voting, and other local and national participation as informed citizens (under "Leaves of Absence," see Jury Duty). Clergy who are not citizens of the United States are invited to participate and become informed about issues in the United States and are encouraged to discharge their voting and other civic duties imposed on them by their country of citizenship.

If a priest or anyone at a location is called or asked to be a witness in any criminal or civil litigation, or receives a subpoena for any personal appearance or production of documents in any judicial proceedings, that person needs to consult immediately with the archdiocesan Office of the​ Legal Counsel​​.

See Catholics in Political Life (USCCB) and Faithful Citizenship sections (CCC)