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5.13.3 Priest Personnel Board

All priests incardinated or ministering in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are subject to the jurisdiction of the archbishop, who relies on the advice and counsel of a Priest Personnel Board for advice on clergy personnel policies. The Priest Personnel Board:

  • Advises and assists the vicar for clergy​ in making recommendations to the archbishop concerning priests, their development as persons and as ministers, and their ministerial assignments

  • Advises the Office of the Vicar for Clergy​, and the archbishop, when requested, in developing policies and procedures concerning priestly life and ministry

The Priest Personnel Board consists of the following persons:

  • One dean from each pastoral region of the archdiocese, selected by the archbishop after a nomination ballot process among the priests of the appropriate pastoral region

  • Three priests representing different lengths of service groups in the priesthood who are incardinated non-pastors with archdiocesan appointments, selected by the archbishop after a nomination ballot process among the priests of the appropriate service groups

  • Two non-priest members appointed by the archbishop

  • One additional member appointed by the archbishop at his discretion

  • The vicar for clergy and associate vicar for clergy, as ex officio non-voting members ​

The term of office for Priest Personnel Board members is five years. General Guidelines for the Process of Priestly Assignments

The Priest Personnel Board will normally be consulted on all priestly assignments and will be provided with background information necessary to make proper decisions, respecting always the right of the archbishop to also make interim and other appointments without consulting the Priest Personnel Board as he deems appropriate.

In making assignments, the archbishop and the Priest Personnel Board will consider the particular circumstances at parishes in the archdiocese, the priest's abilities to meet those needs, and the priest's ministerial expectations. It is recommended that a priest, preferably in his first or second assignment, be assigned, as appropriate, to a parish serving ethnic communities with special language or cultural needs, an economically deprived community, or a racially, culturally, or economically changing community.

The Priest Personnel Board seeks the advice and input from the regional bishops as well as from other qualified priests and lay leaders to understand and respond to the needs of the region, the parish, and the priest himself. The appropriate dean and/or other members of the Priest Personnel Board, or the vicar for clergy, visit parishes when the pastorate is vacant and conduct an open hearing so that parishioners can present the needs of the parish. A report of the visit is prepared and submitted to the Priest Personnel Board and the regional bishop. The Priest Personnel Board maintains professional confidentiality. Administrative support to the Priest Personnel Board is provided by the Office of the Vicar for Clergy​. Criteria for Changing the Number of Priests in a Parish

The Priest Personnel Board uses the following criteria in recommending changes in the number of priests assigned to a parish:

  • Languages needed to appropriately serve the parish community

  • The number of active parishioners

  • Sacramental statistics and the seating capacity of the parish church

  • The health and age of the priests serving or living at the parish

  • Additional institutions within the parish boundaries (e.g., hospitals, convalescent homes, high schools, and jails)

  • The availability of support or supply priests

  • The economic status of the parish

  • The needs of other parishes or ministries​