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7.1       Remuneration/Stipends

In the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, deacons do not receive payment for their diaconal services.  Stipends for weddings, funerals and baptisms should be turned over to the parish consistent with parish policy.  The deacon may accept a gift over and above the stipend intended for the parish, where the donor has made it clear that such gift is intended specifically for the deacon.  Under no circumstance shall a deacon ever charge a fee for any sacramental service.

Any further monetary arrangement, including out-of-pocket expenses, rests upon the mutual agreement of the deacon and his pastor, supervisor, or archdiocesan office in which he functions.

7.2       Clerical Attire

In the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, permanent deacons do not wear the Roman collar, nor do they wear any distinctive clerical garb outside of liturgical functions.  Although there is no uniform pin or symbol for deacons, deacons may wear a lapel pin or cross which symbolizes their diaconal identity and function.

Deviations from this policy must be approved in writing through the Director of Deacons and by the Regional Bishop.

7.3       Official Title

In the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, deacons are addressed by the term "Deacon."  The form, "Rev. Mr." is not to be used by permanent deacons in this archdiocese.  The term "Deacon John Doe" is to be used on church documents and correspondence.  When performing marriages, the deacon signs the marriage license of the State of California with "Deacon John Doe."  An acceptable abbreviation for the word deacon is Dn. or Dcn.

7.4       Death of a Deacon

 The death of a deacon is significant, not only in the life of his family, but also in the archdiocese and in his parish.  His life as a deacon assumed a public dimension, therefore both personal and community considerations should be taken into account when planning his funeral. 

When a deacon dies, the pastor at the deceased deacon's parish, or at the parish where the funeral is to be held, should notify the archbishop, the appropriate regional bishop, and the Office of the Vicar for Clergy of the circumstances surrounding the deacon's death.  As soon as the funeral arrangements are finalized, the Office of the Vicar for Clergy should be informed, so that a notice can be sent to the archdiocesan community.

Some guidelines for a deacon's funeral Mass:

  1. A deceased deacon may be buried in alb and stole.  
  2. Military funeral honors may be incorporated into the deacon's funeral services. 
  3. The deceased deacon's casket is placed and oriented during Mass, as for all clergy, with the head of the casket nearest the altar.
  4. The use of a pall is mandatory.  Christian symbols such as a breviary, gospel book, crucifix or stole, may be placed on top of the pall.

The wishes of his surviving family must always be considered, while conforming to the Rite of Christian Burial.

Deacons who are in good standing in the archdiocese, and their families, are eligible for significant discounts on mortuary and cemetery services provided by the archdiocesan-owned Catholic Mortuaries & Cemeteries. 




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