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​5.2.23 Intellectual Property Ownership

​All work done by employees in the archdiocese is considered "work for hire." In other words, all rights in the work product belong to the location and not to the employee. For example, when an employee as part of his or her normal job duties prepares a booklet, takes a photograph, develops a presentation, or puts together a training program, the location owns the copyright in that booklet, photograph, presentation, or program, unless the employee has entered into a different written agreement with the person in charge or the archdiocese, provided that the value of the work falls within the financial authority of the person in charge (see Contracts and Agreements​​). If a location retains an artist such as a videographer, photographer, or writer, a document such as the Video Production Agreement​​ should be used to determine who owns the rights in the work product.

An employee whose employment at a location ends, for whatever reason, is not allowed to remove any materials covered by this policy, in whatever medium created or maintained, from the location without express written permission given in advance by the person in charge.​