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​​​6.5.6 Accounts and Transactions​ for the Investment Portfolio Investment Poretfolio Account Classifications

The minimum Investment Pool balance for each account is $25,000.​  Investment Portfolio accounts are charged an asset-based management fee. ​

Investment Portfolio accounts are classified as follows: 

  • Surplus funds – Unrestricted funds, not subject to donor-imposed restrictions

  • Designated funds​ Funds designated by the location for a specific project

  • Restricted funds​Donor-restricted gifts/donations that are designated by the donor for a particular purpose or project

  • Building and capital impro​vements funds – Funds designated for building construction, major repairs, or real estate        

  • Endowment trust funds – Permanently restricted assets, gifts/donations that in accordance with donor restriction require that the corpus be invested in perpetuity and only the income be made available for program operations in accordance with donor restrictions; the Finance Council and College of Consultors approve the establishment of endowment funds, such as autonomous pious foundations

  • Prepaid tuition fees for high school – Funds designated for payment of tuition and fees for the next school year Deposits and Withdrawals​

All deposits and withdrawals must be accompanied by a properly completed and executed transmittal form and supporting documentation, such as invoices, if applicable. See the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Investment Portfolio: Inve​stment Pool Deposits, Withdrawals and Transfers.​

Required signatures:​​​

  • Elementary school withdrawals in excess of $3,000 require the signature of the pastor/administrator; if the withdrawal is made from an endowment or investment account, the pastor/administrator must approve, regardless of the amount.

  • Parish, elementary school, and parish high school withdrawals in excess of $20,000 require the signature of the regional auxiliary bishop.

  • Archdiocesan high school withdrawals in excess of $20,000 require the signature of the archdiocesan deputy sup​erintendent of high schools​.

Endowment withdrawals are governed by the endowment charter.​ Loan Payments

Most current and all new Investment Portfolio loan payments are processed and debited electronically from the location's designated ban​k account. Prepayments may be made at any time.

6-22-21, 12-19-2023​