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6.5.7 Investment Portfolio Account Management for Participants Opening New Investment Portfolio Accounts

If a location wishes to open a new Investment Portfolio account, the location must complete the Request fo​r New Account form and return as noted on the form.

All participants are required to complete the Archdiocesan Investment P​ortfolio Participant Confirming Agreement​ and return it to the archdiocese. Account Statements and Online Access

Statements can be accessed through a secure Inv​estment Portfolio website (web account name and password required) by the person in charge at the location, or his or her designee. The location is notified through email when the monthly statements are posted to the website.

To register for online access to Investment Pool statements, the Register for Online Access to Investment Portfolio Account Statements​ form should be completed and returned to the archdiocese.

A consolidated Investment Portfolio Performance Summary is issued quarterly and is available online only.

Balances shown on the monthly reports should be reconciled with the participant's accounting records. Any discrepancy should be investigated and reported to the designated person at the Financial Servic​​es Group as shown on the monthly report. Transfer of Funds within the Investment Pool and between Accounts

Locations may transfer funds between the Income Portfolio and the Balanced Portfolio, as well as between a location's accounts. All such transfers can be made by properly completing and returning the Archdiocese of Los Angeles In​​vestment Portfolio: Investment Pool Deposits, Withdrawals and Transfers ​form.​