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6.6.3 Loss Reporting and Claim Filing

In the event of an accident or other incident resulting in personal injury, the location shall immediately prepare and submit a report and file the appropriate forms. See Reporting an Injury or Accident in Health and Safety, and contact the Insurance Department, the Office of the Legal Counsel, and the Communications Department.

For damage to property (real estate, buildings, or facilities) such as natural disasters, vandalism, and losses arising from burglaries, refer to Particular Threats and Hazards. For losses arising from theft or embezzlement, cybercrimes, contract breaches, and similar wrongs, contact the Office of the Legal Counsel for guidance. Legal Proceedings

In certain circumstances, litigation may arise from accidents and other insured events. Any correspondence from attorneys, requests for interviews or records, subpoenas, summons, or complaints or other legal documents served or received at a location must be forwarded immediately, along with any mailing envelope or similar material, to the Office of the Legal Counsel. All litigation matters are coordinated by legal counsel.

All communications between locations and the Office of the General Counsel are privileged. The privilege is lost if the communications are shared with a third party; therefore, locations must not forward any communication (e.g., email, voicemail, or text) to or from legal counsel to anyone.