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​​​7.3.9 Contracts for Service Providers

​​If necessary, qualified vendors may be hired to perform minor repairs or small constr​uction projects​, janitorial services, gardening, security, food services, and other work. All such contracts must contain provisions for insurance, indemnification, permitting or licensing if required, and background checks and fingerprinting of staff. Generally, service contracts should be no more than one year in duration. It is recommended that the person in charge contact the Construction Department​, Real Estate Department, or Department of Catholic Schools, as appropriate, with questions. The person in charge should contact the Office of th​e Legal Counsel to ask questions and have contracts legally reviewed prior to signature.
For information on kitche​n facilities​, please see the Food Service Agreement​ and Summary Checklist of Essential Kitchen Elements for School Food Service by Outside Vendor and/or School Staff.

After the contract has been approved and signed, the vendor must provide a Certificate of Insurance and an Additional Insured Endorsement to the person in charge before the vendor is allowed to start work. The Additional Insured Endorsement must include The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles, a corporation sole and/or Archdiocese of Los Angeles Education & Welfare Corporation and/or for mortuaries, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Funeral and Mortuary Services Corporation, as well as the location.

See examples of certain service contracts. These examples are designed to provide locations with guidance on the issues that should be addressed in particular circumstances.​