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​​​Kitchen Safety​​​​

In Los Angeles County, the Environmental Health Division of the Department of Public Health regulates kitchens that prepare and serve food to the public. The archdiocese has worked closely with the Department of Public Health to provide clear guidance on the regulations that apply to kitchens on the premises of archdiocesan locations. All persons in charge of locations that have kitchens shall familiarize themselves with the following resources:

In addition, any location that wishes to retain the services of an outside caterer, either on a non-exclusive or an exclusive basis, is required to use a written contract.  In developing food service contracts, the Food Service Agreement is designed to provide assistance to the person in charge. No location may execute a food service contract unless the location has sent the contract to the Office of ​the Legal Counsel to review. For additional information, contact the Office of the Legal C​ounsel​.

See information and instructions regarding construction issues involving kitchens, appropriate uses of facilities​, and the general maintenance of archdiocesan properties in Facilities.​​​​