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​​​​​​​​​ Communicable Diseases​​

When communicable diseases are identified at a location, the person in charge​ shall immediately refer to the reporting requirements of the county health department in accordance with local requirements. For schools and childcare centers see:​.  Guidance for all locations is available from county health departments: 

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Santa Barbara County ​Health Department​​​​​

Ventura County Communicable Disease Office

If the location is unsure of the reporting responsibilities or needs guidance in responding to a public health hazard, contact the Office of the Le​gal Counsel​ or, for schools, the Department of Catholic Schools​ at 213-637-7300.

The person in charge shall cooperate with the local health officer on necessary measures to prevent and control communicable diseases. 

A reported communicable disease may cause a staff member to miss work or a student to miss school. Before the staff member can return to the workplace or the student can return to school, he or she must have appropriate permission issued by the department of public health, a physician, a nurse or other appropriate health care provider. 



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