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Medications Administered at School

​​​Students may only be administered medications that are prescribed for them personally.  Any medications they bring to school that are not prescribed for them will be confiscated and they may be subject to appropriate discipline.

The school shall not furnish medications. All medications administered at school shall be provided by the parents/guardians.

  • The Medication Authorization and Permission Form must be provided. This form, which states the nature of the medication, must be signed and dated by the doctor and the parents/guardians.

  • Medication administered at school must be in the original container and labeled. The day's dosage must be sealed, be labeled, and have the student's name attached. It shall be in an appropriate container and be kept in the school office or nurse's office.

  • The student shall come to the office for medication.

  • Because of the risk of students sharing medications, students may not carry medication of any kind to be self-administered at school. If a student is seriously at risk without an EpiPen or inhaler on his or her person, the student may receive special consideration.

  • A student may not be given medicine prescribed for family members.

  • These medication regulations apply to both prescription and non-prescription medications.

  • A student who is diabetic is allowed to test his or her blood sugar at school in the health room or office and self-administer medication as necessary. If a student is too young or otherwise unable to self-test his or her blood sugar, a location may make arrangements with the student's family to assist with testing. All medications must be kept in the school office or nurse's office and appropriately labeled as described above. School employees may not administer injections to a diabetic student except in emergencies, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

If parents/guardians do not complete the Medication and Authorization Form by indicating the student's prescribed medication, the parents/guardians will have to come to school and personally administer that medication.