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​Enforcement of the Program

​​​Safety programs require attentiveness, compliance, and enforcement. If the person ​in charge, plan administrator​, or a designee becomes aware that a staff member fails to attend to or comply with the location's safety and health program, the staff member should be disc​iplined​.

Record-Keeping Requirements

To keep records related to the injury and illness prevention program, locations should record scheduled and periodic inspections, document safety and health training, and keep training records for staff members who are at that location for less than one (1) year.

Scheduled and Periodic Inspections

Record scheduled and periodic inspections. Note the person(s) conducting the inspection, hazards (i.e., unsafe conditions and work practices that have been identified), and action(s) taken to correct the identified unsafe conditions and work practices. Use the Safety Survey of Exterior Conditions and Operations Self-Inspection Checklist and Safety Survey of Interior Conditions and Ope​rations Self-Inspection Checklist. These records are maintained for at least one (1) year.

Safety and Health Training

Document safety and health training for each worker. Include the worker's name or other identifier, training dates, type(s) of training, and training providers on the Employee Training Verification Form. This documentation is maintained for at least one (1) year.

Staff Training Records

Retain training records for staff members who work at the location for less than one (1) year during the staff member's term of employment. Confirm that staff members who teach science labs, whether at the elementary school or high school level, participate in the archdiocesan science safety course offered in cooperation with Los Angeles County Office of Education.