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Federal and state laws and regulations control use of pesticides at public and private day care centers and preschools and in public schools. Information about pesticide requirements for archdiocesan presch​ools​ and day care centers is available from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

The Healthy Schools Act Frequently Asked Quest​ions​ include information about pest control requirements at public schools and is a useful reference.

Before the start of each school year, schools should follow these procedures:

  • Schedule pesticide treatment at schools for times and dates when students won't be present (e.g., vacations or weekends).

  • Contact the pesticide supplier or contractor for a list of pesticides to be used at the school during the coming school year.

Using that list, schools should prepare two notices:

  • The first notice should be directed to all parents/guardians. Indicate not only the pesticides to be used during the coming school year, but that the pesticides will only be used when school is closed and students are not present. Also, inform parents/guardians that they can register with the principal's secretary to be notified 72 hours before all pesticide applications. Then send out notices to parents/guardians who register.

  • The second notice should be directed to employees. List the pesticides to be used and indicate that they will only be used when school is closed.

Parishes should follow these procedures:

  • Schedule pesticide treatment when religious education programs and religious services are not scheduled.

  • Post notices at entrances to areas that are treated with pesticides; the notices must be posted 24 hours before the application and remain posted 72 hours after the application.

Schools and parishes should keep a record of the dates and tim​es of pesticide use. See "Hazardous Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)"​ in the Record Retention Schedule (sorted by category and record type​​)​. The records should be maintained in the central office in an accessible format and available upon request.