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​​​​All clergy who are active in any ministry in the archdiocese must be fingerprinted under the California Education Code. Pastors/administrators who are assigned to oversee preschools must also be fingerprinted under the California Health and Safety Code and pass a background check. All clergy fingerprints are submitted to the California Department of Justice and the FBI. This fingerprinting requirement includes the archbishop, bishops, all priests (whether archdiocesan priests or members of a religious institute/order) with faculties in the archdiocese, as well as all deacons, all deacons in formation, all seminarians, and any clergy who wish to have short-term faculties (i.e., faculties for 15 days to 2 months) ​or long-term faculties (i.e., faculties for more than 2 months) in the archdiocese​. See ​​Faculties for Visit​ing Elsewhere and for Clergy and Externs Ministering in the Archdiocese​. Fingerprint reports and any subsequent arrest notifications are overseen by the ​vicar fo​r clergy​ as a confidential reporter of criminal offender record information​ (CORI reporter).