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​​​​​​The archdiocese and LOGOS, an independent software provider, developed the Volunteer/Personnel Information Network (VPIN) as a database to enter and confirm information from clergy, religious, employees, staff, and other volunteers. Prior to an assignment and continuing throughout an individual's involvement with the archdiocese, the archdiocesan Fingerprinti​ng Department​ will enter that individual's fingerprinting and training information into VPIN and the person in charge or a designated staff member will update the information as necessary. When people who have been fingerprinted are no longer staff members or volunteers, or no longer have a ministerial or any other assignment in the archdiocese, the individual's VPIN entry must be updated (see No Longer Interested Notification​).

See PeopleFlow Accounts to request access to VPIN and PeopleFlow Quick Start for VPIN.