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​​​​AUP Frequently Asked Questions​​

​​What should be done when a person who has an electronic communications account or access to Location accounts is no longer associated with the Location?

The person's access to the accounts must be disabled or the account passwords must be changed immediately, including any accounts maintained externally “in the cloud.”  All content belongs to the Location and may need to be preserved, as appropriate.​​

For example, a parish's webmaster or social media account manager leaves the parish or stops performing the service.  The person in charge must disable the webmaster's or manager's access and assign access to another authorized person.

See also the Archdiocesan Commun​ity Email Services​ (ACES) and 10.3.4 General Security and Email Policies​.

How does the AUP apply to priests and permanent deacons?​​

Activities of clergy are subject to the Acceptable Use and Responsibility Policy for Electronic Communications (Archdiocesan AUP)​​. If a priest is using a Clergy Connect or other archdiocesan device, all uses at all times are subject to the Archdiocesan AUP. If a priest is using a personal device, his use of the device, even for personal activities, may be subject to the Archdiocesan AUP. For example, if a priest who lives in a rectory on parish property relaxes after dinner by browsing the Internet or streaming movies to watch, the Archdiocesan AUP applies. In addition, his activities are subject to his obligations as a cleric.

If a permanent deacon’s online shopping and online magazine subscriptions implicate the parish or the archdiocese—for instance, the permanent deacon submits a bill for reimbursement—then the Archdiocesan AUP applies. Otherwise his online conduct is private. Of course, the principles and values that inform the Archdiocesan AUP are the principles and values that he, as a deacon, is ordained to follow and model.

Does the archdiocesan AUP apply to my personal electronic communications devices?

Yes. Your devices are covered by the Archdiocesan AUP in two ways. First, when you use them on parish, school, or archdiocesan premises, and second, if you use them in such a way that the parish, school, or archdiocese may be implicated in their use.

Example 1: If a school teacher occasionally brings devices from home to class to use for presentations, the Archdiocesan AUP applies to the school teacher. If the school teacher travels outside the archdiocese and uses his or her smartphone to answer school or parish emails, the Archdiocesan AUP applies to the school teacher.

Example 2: If someone who conducts religious education classes lets a religious education student borrow a personal device for use at the student’s home, the Archdiocesan AUP applies to the use of the device.

​Does the archdiocesan AUP apply to my children’s personal devices?​

Yes. See the Bring Your Own Device Policy for Students.

Does the archdiocese have any guidance for remote work?

4-13-21​​ and 8-3-21