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​​​The Department of ​Catholic Schools​ respects and is sensitive to the independent nature of the governance and management of private Catholic schools in the archdiocese. Essential, formal, and informal relationships exist between the Department of Catholic Schools and these schools and each has a particular character.

Essential Relationship

An essential relationship exists between private Catholic schools and the Department of Catholic Schools through the authority delegated by the archbishop. The Department of Catholic Schools represents the archbishop in preserving and promoting the teaching of Catholic doctrine in regard to faith, morals, liturgical practices, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. Therefore, it is incumbent upon private Catholic schools to maintain and preserve their Catholic identity, which is subject to the authority and oversight of the Department of Catholic Schools on behalf of the archbishop.

Formal High School Relationships

Formal relationships between private Catholic high schools and the Department of ​Catholic Schools facilitate cooperation among all the schools. The Catholic Athletic Association (CAA) is coordinated and regulated through the Department of Catholic Schools and membership in CAA includes archdiocesan, parish, and private Catholic high schools.

Informal Relationships

The Department ​of Catholic Schools makes its services available to all Catholic schools in the archdiocese, including independent private schools. In-servic​e workshops, educational conferences, professional development programs, and at the high school level, the Christian Service Awards​, are available to all schools. In these collaborative and informal relationships, participation by private schools enhances the value and effectiveness of the Department of Catholic Schools' services, particularly through school staff members who share their experiences and expertise with each other.

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