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5.11.1 Character Qualifications

​​The overriding mission of a Catholic school is to develop and maintain a Roman Catholic school faith community by offering a quality education that meets the needs of students and applicable educational standards. The school environment is intended to reflect the doctrines, laws, norms, and values of the Roman Catholic Church and an education that fosters Catholic values for the entire school community.

In recognition of this unique commission, school staff shall exhibit professional standards of ethical behavior in attendance, punctuality, grooming, language, academic preparation where applicable, and in their relationship to students, parents/guardians, and other staff as both adult examples and as members of a faith community.

School staff by their witness, leadership, and behavior impart a distinctive character to a Catholic school. They share in the teaching ministry of the Catholic Church by modeling Christian values and living an exemplary life.

School staff are called to be role models and witnesses to the Gospel of Christ and therefore, they shall adhere to proper conventions and Christian morals. They shall maintain by words and actions a position that is in conformity with the teaching, standards, doctrines, laws, and norms of the Roman Catholic Church as interpreted by the ordinary (diocesan ​bishop) of the archdiocese.

See Personnel as Role Models and Witnesses to Faith.​