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​​​​​​​5.7.3 Continuation of Health Insurance​​​

​​​In accordance with the Church's teachings on social justice, the archdiocese has voluntarily elected to institute programs that mirror the statutory provisions of state and federal laws. One element is continuation of employee health insurance (this is similar to, but not the same as, COBRA).

Pregnancy Disability and Family and Medical Leave Continuation of Benefits

A pregnant employee on Pregnancy Disability Leave who is enrolled in the group health insurance plan remains covered during her leave and may be covered for up to 12 additional weeks during a Family and Medical Leave​ if she takes the Family and Medical leave to bond with her child.

An employee on Family and Medical Leave for reasons other than pregnancy who is enrolled in the group health insurance coverage remains covered for a period of up to four months, provided the employee submits a physician's notification of disability.

The employee must pay the employee portion of the required insurance premiums while on Pregnancy Disability and Family and Medical Leave.

Employees who are unable to return to work after exhausting their maximum leave periods, under the archdiocese continuation of benefits process they may continue the insurance for 18 months (and in certain cases up to 29 months) but are responsible for the full cost of the premium including an administrative fee.  Locations are responsible for managing leaves and benefit continuance; for guidance contact the Insurance Department​. Personal Leave

Employees may continue group insurance coverage while on an approved person​al leave of absence of fewer than 120 days, but they are responsible for the cost of the entire premium. Termination

Except in the case of termination for gross misconduct, under the continuation of benefits process employees are currently eligible to continue group insurance coverage for up to 18 months after termination. During this period, the terminated employee is responsible for the full cost of the premiums plus a small administrative fee.

Further information about the continuation of group insurance coverage (which is similar to, but not the same as COBRA) may be obtained from the archdiocesan Insurance Department​. Qualifying Life Event

A qualifying life event ("QLE") is a change in an employee's status (e.g., marriage, birth of a child, divorce, loss of eligibility because of reduction in hours, or death) that affects an employee's health insurance​ coverage.

The QLE procedure to follow: