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   5.7.2 Health Care

​​Health Care Benefits Eligibility

Full-time employees who work for 30 or more hours per week are eligible for medical, dental, and vision insurance according to the terms of the policy. Employees who choose not to participate in this program must sign the waiver contained in the Enrollment/Change Form​ ​(HR intranet; username and password ​​required)​​ provided by the location. The waiver form is placed in their medical file.

Part-time employees​ are eligible for medical, dental, and vision insurance if they are regularly scheduled to work 30 hours per week at one or more archdiocesan locations.

Except in cases of early termination of employment​, medical insurance terminates on June 30 for teachers who have not signed a Teacher Employment Agreement​ or Faculty Employment Agreement for the following academic year in an archdiocesan or parish school, and on July 31 for principals who have not signed a Principal Employment Agreement for the following academic year. Enrollment Period

New employees have 31 days from the date of hire to enroll in all insurance plans. The effective date for insurance benefits is the first of the month following 31 days of continuous employment. 

For example:

  • Insurance for an employee hired February 4 is effective on April 1.
  • Insurance for an employee hired November 1 is effective on December 1.

Employees who do not enroll in the medical, dental, vision, disability, or life plans within the first 31 days of employment must wait for the next scheduled open enrollment period.

Employees who are eligible for health benefits will be given an opportunity annually, in an "Open Enrollment" period, to add, delete, or change their health care benefits. Records of all of these changes must be kept in the employee's medical file.

Elections remain in effect until the next Open Enrollment unless the employee experiences a qualifying life event.

Refer to the Benefits Administration Quick Reference Sheet (HR intranet; username and password re​quired)​ for assistance with all enrollment procedures.