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6.2.6 Ticket Sales

When selling tickets to activities such as athletic events, drama productions, etc., locations are required to use numbered tickets. The numbered tickets sold and funds received must be reconciled. This is an effective internal control to monitor exactly how much cash should be deposited into the location's account. All cash should be counted by two adults, placed in an envelope with the amount of cash recorded on the outside, and signed and dated by the adults who counted the currency. The cash should then be immediately secured in the location's vault or safe. No employees should keep cash in their personal possession overnight or past the termination of the activity or event. If cash cannot be counted immediately, it must be secured in the location's vault or safe, clearly dated and labeled as to which event or activity it relates to with the name of the person(s) responsible for securing it in the vault or safe. The cash must be counted and verified on the next business day. Minors should never be permitted to retain cash receipts in their personal possession and must turn the cash over to the adult moderator for processing.​