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​​​8.1 Archdiocesan Policy on Health and Safety​​

​​​​​State and federal laws require employers, schools, and places of public assembly to provide an environment that is healthy and safe for all. The archdiocese is committed to ensuring that all staff, parishioners, students, and guests can work, worship, learn, and visit without encountering known health hazards or dangerous conditions. As ministers and the faithful, every clergy member, employee, and volunteer in our parishes and schools shall place the safety and welfare of the young and vulnerable above their own safety. Due to the multifaceted services the archdiocese offers in different locations, and in deference to the canonical principle of subsidiarity, as a matter of archdiocesan policy each location is separately responsible for providing a safe, secure, and healthy environment for all.

Each location must follow the programs, policies, and procedures of the archdiocese as distributed or posted by the archdiocese. Everyone at each location is responsible for maintaining overall environmental health and safety. However, certain persons are charged with specific responsibilities in this regard:

The following are general policies and procedures regarding health and safety. This chapter includes links to resources that are available from entities charged generally with the health and safety of the population. The links and resources will be expanded and updated as additional and supplemental materials are developed or identified by the archdiocese.​



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