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​​Department Handbooks

​Each academic department at a high school is responsible for developing a department handbook that presents that department's curriculum. Each handbook shall include:

  • A statement of departmental philosophy and goals compatible with those of the school

  • A rationale for the program that defines the relationship of department course offerings to each other and to the attainment of the Integral Student Outcomes

  • An indication of ways in which Catholic truths and values are integrated in the department's program of studies

  • A description of departmental organization and structure

  • A description of the scope and sequence of course offerings and requirements

  • Course outlines that include learning outcomes and procedures, evalu​ation procedures, instructional resources, and titles of required textbooks and supplementary materials​ used by students

  • Policies and procedures for integrating technology in particular subject areas​

  • A statement of departmental policies (compatible with school policies) in areas such as grading​, assessment​, and the effect of st​​udent absence on grading

  • School policies and procedures for textbo​ok selection and replacement

  • Copies of agendas of regularly scheduled department meetings

  • Copies of minutes of regularly scheduled department meetings

  • A record of membership and involvement in professional organizations

  • A budget section (organized year by year since the last Western Catholic Educational Association/Western Association of Schools and Colleges​ visit) as well as school purchase order procedures

  • A department inventory