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​4.4.5 Outside User Agreements for Scouting

If a parish or school is not the charter organization for a scout unit or troop, the parish or school may allow its facilities to be used by the scout unit or troop.

The BSA Outside User Agreement​ must be signed for BSA uses of archdiocesan property if the location is not the chartering organization.  All other scouting organizations (not BSA) must use the Outside User Agreement​.  The following steps must be followed:

  • ​Only the person in charge of the parish or school is authorized to sign an outside user agreement on behalf of the location, and it must also be provided to the Real Estate Department by email to

  • The person signing on behalf of the charter and/or scouting organization(s) must be authorized by the organization to do so.

  • Outside user agreements should be signed on an annual basis.

A parish or school that hosts a scout unit or troop under an outside user agreement is not responsible for the finances of the unit or troop. Therefore, the unit or troop should not use the parish or school EIN to establish any bank accounts.

Scout units or troops hosted by a parish or school under an outside user agreement should encourage the scouts to participate in and complete the appropriate religious emblem programs.

If a parish or school plans to publish or exhibit the image, name, voice, or work of anyone involved in a scout unit or troop, written permission must be obtained in advance from the parent or guardian. The forms below are used for this purpose and must be kept on file by the parish or school.