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​​​​​​​5.5.6 Orientation and Training

​​​​​​​​​​​​​A formal orientation should be scheduled for each new staff member on the first day of employment, using the New Hire Orientation Checklist​​ and Universal New Hire Packet. For schools, see also Orientation and Training. The purpose of orientation is to welcome the employee; explain the organizational structure and culture; and provide information about benefits, work rules, and procedures.

The person in charge giving the orientation should address information pertaining to the particular location, including the following (providing a hard copy of materials is optional when information is available in the Administrative Handbook):

  • Work hours, lunch breaks, and rest periods

  • Tim​e off policies​ (HR intranet: username and password required)

  • Leaves of absence

  • Grooming and dress code

  • Parking