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​​​​5.7.1 Benefit Eligibility Categories

Specific categories are used when determining eligibility for certain benefits.

Introductory Period

Eligibility for some benefits requires completion of the introductory period​ or other preconditions (e.g., vacation accrual, family and medical leave), while eligibility for other benefits (e.g., health insurance) may commence prior to the completion of the introductory period. For eligibility questions, contact either the Human Resources Dep​artment​ or the Insurance ​Department​​.

Regular Full-Time Employees

Schedules for regular full-time employees vary throughout the archdiocese, including 35, 37.5, and 40 hours per week, depending on the needs of the location. For purposes of benefits eligibility, regular full-time employees are scheduled to work at least 35 hours per week, have satisfactorily completed the introductory period, and are eligible for all applicable employee benefits, which are:

Regular Part-Time Employees

Regular part-time employees are scheduled to work at least 20 hours but fewer than 35 hours per week, and have satisfactorily completed the introductory period.

Regular part-time employees who work at least 20 hours per week are entitled to the following benefits:

Note:  Regular, part-time employees who are regularly scheduled to work between 30-35 hours per week at one or more archdiocesan locations are eligible to participate in the medical, dental, or vision insurance plans.

Other Part-Time Employees

Other part-time employees work fewer than 20 hours per week or do not work on a regular, ongoing basis. They are eligible only for those benefits required by law, such as sick pay, workers' com​pensation and Social Security​.

Occasional and Temporary Employees

Occasional and temporary employees​ are not eligible for benefits other than those required by law, such as sick pay, wor​kers' compensation and Social Security​​​

Cemetery and Mortuary Discount

Employees and an employee's spouse and children may be eligible for discounts for certain funeral services, cemetery property, merchandise and interment services. Additional information is available by calling 888-912-6516.​​