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​​​5.6 Compensation

​​​​​​​The archdiocese and its parishes, schools, and operating units seek to provide just compensation within available financial resources. The archdiocesan compensation structure consists of pay grades that refer to corresponding compensation ranges.

Compensation for school staff is set annually by the Department of Catholic Schools at recommended compensation levels, reflected in written agreements for teaching staff, principals, and certain administrators, and in hourly wage or salary scales for those who do not have written agreements. The structure is reviewed annually and adjusted as necessary within available financial resources.

Compensation ranges are established to reflect differing levels of performance and experience. Each range has a designated minimum, midpoint, and maximum. At the time of hire, an employee's compensation is normally placed between the minimum and midpoint of the wage range depending on prior experience and education. The Human Resources Department​ and person in charge are responsible for establishing the pay grade with a prospective employee.

Compensation for clergy and religious is set in accordance with archdiocesan policy as described in Religious Staff, Prie​​st Personnel Policies and Guidelines​, and Clergy – Deacons.



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